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Road Trip 9: The Holy Land Tour is a Course

Road Trip 9: The Holy Land Tour



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Continuing a tradition begun in 2013, in June, we will take the congregation on another summer road trip. A wonderful metaphor for life and faith, our Road Trips series has become a church favorite…and, this year, we’re going to the Holy Land (each of these cities are in Texas).  Gleaning wisdom and instruction for the life of holiness, each week, we will examine profound spiritual truths derived from watershed moments in Israel’s and/or the Church’s history.  An integral part of their national identity, the geography of and the struggles present in the Promised Land pointed the faithful to God, and the same “promise” holds true today. We face the same challenges. We share the same fears. But we serve the same God – a God of power and hope and overcoming strength…a God who still invites us to the Promised Land – that place of peace and hope and goodness and love…that sacred place, that holy ground where we experience Him.

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