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Homestead is a Course




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Based in large part upon a quote from John Wesley (below), we’ll explore what it looks like for us (as a church and as individuals) to be a homestead for the Lord.  Each week, we will dive deeply into one of the critical elements of our faith and theology – unpacking and applying each tenet to the modern-day challenges of life and faith.  As such, we are adding an additional element: though the Wesley quote only includes three “doctrines,” we will be adding another Wesleyan distinctive as a natural bridge to the “living out” of this line of thought: the need for small group accountability (Week Four).


"Our main doctrines, which include all the rest, are three: That of repentance, of faith, and of holiness. The first of these we account, as it were, the porch of religion; the next, the door; the third, religion itself.” – John Wesley


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