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A Weary World Rejoices is a Course

A Weary World Rejoices



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As the world continues to emerge from the strangeness of the past few years, we’re awakening to a new reality: a pervasive weariness that has taken root. With cynicism and negativity running amok, we will use these weeks of Advent to refocus on the fact that Hope has a name: Jesus Christ.  True, during Advent, it is easy to go into survival mode – to get wrapped up in attending the parties, finding/buying/giving the perfect gifts, decorating the cookies, and doing everything we’re “supposed” to do, doing all that’s expected…but if this is all we do, we will miss the point of Christmas: we will miss the critical “part” of the season: the truth that a Savior has been born unto us…a truth (that God loved/loves us so much that He became one of us) that we have to return to year after year and day after day...or it will pass us by.


During this season, we’ll explore the Bible’s promises of hope – both as a present and practical reality and as a future certainty…a Hope that leads to rejoicing, that leads to an energized faith that heals our weariness. More than naïve wishing, the hope we find in Jesus Christ – God with us – changes lives as it softens hearts, transforms minds, and changes lives.

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