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'23 and Me is a Course

'23 and Me



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After enduring another “year like none other,” we’re all beginning 2023 with a passionate desire, with a driving hope that things will be different, that we can be different…but are we willing to do more than just hope and wish?  Are we willing to act? To change?


As we enter ’23, we will be taking the month of January to study at the 3rd chapter of the 20th book of the Bible (Proverbs): hence, 20+3. (We were originally planning to study the 23rd Psalm, but we realized that we had done that series just a few years ago.)  


Throughout the Book of Proverbs, we are invited to experience some of the deepest truths of faith, some of the most powerful promises of God – and we see a wide variety of that holy wisdom in the third chapter, alone. It a profound microcosm of the larger book as a whole.  Drawing upon the popularity of the “23 & Me” genetic/genealogy testing industry, too, we will be taking a piercing but practical look at what it takes to incorporate (literally, to put into our flesh) the holy truths and uncompromising demands of Scripture, to have them be a part of our DNA – to let the Spirit lead us to a deeper faithfulness and a more active faith as we begin this new year. 

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