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150ne is a Course




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As we step forward into our 151st (15One) year of ministry, we will be opening our next chapter of ministry with a 5-week series looking at several Chapter 15, verse 1 passages.  Turning our attention from the lessons we’ve learned from our storied past, we’re going to be examining the faith, courage, and promises that will guide us into the potential of our future – gleaning biblical guidance and faithfulness to discover our “What’s Next”. Living out the beloved WC Truth that “the best is yet to be,” we firmly believe that our best days are still ahead of us, that our most powerful ministries have yet to be imagined.  Though we had great plans for our 150th celebration, we are eager to move into whatever it is that God has planned for us in our 151st year of outreach and ministry.  Through it all, our focus will be on learning and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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